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I am unable to make a council tax payment, what should I do?

As stated on your final notice, you need to pay the full balance stated within 7 days of the date on the letter. 

Setting up a direct debit

Setting up a direct debit is the only way to continue paying by instalments once a final notice has been issued. This is classed as a 'special arrangement', and a letter will be sent to you to confirm this.

Please Note: If the final notice is for a closed account, you will not be able to set up a direct debit, and the full balance will still need to be paid within 7 days.

Help to pay your council tax 

If you are on a low income, or receiving certain benefits, you may be entitled to claim Council Tax Reduction. To find out if you are eligible, go to our calculator below.

Some people may be exempt from paying council tax, or may be entitled to certain discounts. 

Read more about discounts and exemptions.

It is important to remember that you must continue to pay your instalments until any decisions on benefits, reductions or discounts are made.

Help managing debt

If you need help managing your debts, you can contact Citizens Advice. The number to call is 03444 111 444.

Debt advice is also available on the Citizens Advice website.