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Find your bin day

This system is automated and gathers information through integration with our waste management system. Unfortunately it is not able to account for rearranged collections and missed collections due to bad weather.

Find out when your bins are normally emptied

Normal service

Bins are emptied on an alternate week cycle. Your grey bin, brown bin and clear bags are emptied one week and your blue lidded bin the following week.

Help us to empty your bins

Out by 7am - In by 7pm.
It is against the law to leave your bins on the pavement after they have been emptied.
Bins will be removed and you may receive a £60 fine.

  • Check to see which bin should be put out
  • Make sure your bins can be seen where your property meets the pavement
  • Place your bins considerately so they don't block the pavement for wheelchairs and pushchairs
  • Make sure your bin lids are fully closed
  • Don't leave any extra bags of rubbish next to your bins
  • We don't empty bins containing incorrect materials
  • Don't overfill your bins - if you or we cannot move it the vehicle will be unable to lift it
  • Don't report a missed bin until after 4pm on collection day
  • Report a missed bin in 2 working days or we won't be able to come back until the next collection
  • Houses not suited to bins can have different containers
  • If you have difficulty putting your bins out we offer an assisted collection service
  • If bad weather makes it difficult or dangerous for collections our daily collection report will keep you up to date
  • If you operate a business from your home e.g. B&B you must have separate collections for business waste and recycling