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Unfortunately Landlords can't currently use our OneVu My Account system. Please continue to use Open Access E-Billing. 

This page tells you how your tenant can apply for housing benefit, how much we'll pay and what we can share with you.

Did you know you can apply online to:

  • Tell us about a change in your circumstances
  • Change your bank details
  • Direct payment to landlords

The best way to do this is to create an account with us. Once you have done this, you will be able to make the application through your account, and track its progress from start to finish.

To continue without creating an account, click on the forms below. If you apply this way you will not be able to track the progress of your application.

How your tenant can claim

A tenant can apply for housing benefit online. They can also see how much they will get based on their personal circumstances by using our benefits calculator&nbsp before starting the application.

How much we will pay

This depends on your tenant's personal circumstances and the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates for the area.

More on how we pay benefit

Making payments

In most cases, we pay housing benefit directly to tenants. Payments are made into your tenant's bank account every four weeks in arrears. They are responsible for passing this money over to you.

Direct payments to landlords

We may be able to pay housing benefit to you directly if:

  • your tenant is more than eight weeks in arrears
  • your tenant can't deal with his / her own finances

If you're already receiving direct payments from a tenant and need to change your bank account details please use the form below. You can also use this form to let us know which bank account to use for any new claims.

Changes in circumstance

If you're tenant has any change to their circumstances that you know about, you must let us know. This includes changing jobs, having a child, or having someone move in with them. Your tenant can report changes to us using the online change of circumstances form.

We sometimes suspend benefit claims following a change until we know exactly what changed when. If you receive direct payments and this happens, we'll let you know.

Sharing information with you

Your tenant needs to give us permission to discuss their claim with you. 

If they have given permission, we can tell you:

  • they have claimed Housing Benefit
  • they have renewed your claim for Housing Benefit
  • we have made a decision on the claim 
  • we need more information to make a decision on the claim and what information we need

We can't discuss:

  • their personal information
  • their household circumstances
  • their financial circumstances

Your tenant can withdraw this permission at any time. It will not affect their claim if they do not give us permission to discuss their claim with you.

In order to share information with you, your tenant will need to complete a consent form.