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Housing Delivery Test Action Plan

The Council has prepared an Action Plan which provides an analysis of the key reasons for the historic under deliver of housing and identifies the measures that the Council intends to undertake to increase provision.

Housing Delivery Test Action Plan 

The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) has been introduced by the Government as a monitoring tool to demonstrate whether local areas are building enough homes to meet their housing need. The HDT, which was introduced in February 2019, compares the number of new homes delivered over the previous three years with the authority's housing requirement. The HDT will be used to determine the buffer to apply in housing supply assessments and whether the presumption in favour of sustainable development should apply. Under the HDT:

·         Where housing delivery over the previous three years has been less than 95% of the housing requirement, LPAs should prepare an action plan setting out the causes of under delivery and the intended actions to increase delivery;

·         Where delivery has been less than 85% of the housing requirement, a 20% buffer should be applied to the supply of deliverable sites for the purposes of housing delivery assessment;

·         Where delivery has been less than 75% of the housing requirement, the NPPFs presumption in favour of sustainable development will apply. Where an Action Plan is required, this should be prepared within six months of the test results being published.

On 19th February, the first HDT results were published by Government. They measured housing delivery over the period 2015/16 to 2017/18 in Staffordshire Moorlands against the required level of housing as determined by the Government's household projections for the whole of Staffordshire Moorlands, including within the Peak District National Park.

A total of 349 homes were completed in Staffordshire Moorlands over the three year period - less than the 544 homes deemed to be needed. This equated to 64% of the need being met.

However, analysis of the HDT results revealed that housing completions data used by the Government to assess delivery in Staffordshire Moorlands excluded new homes in the parts of the Peak District National Park that lie within the District. This was in spite of the Government's measurement of housing need against which the Council is assessed relating to the whole of the District. Consequently, the Council queried the HDT results with Government.

On 10th July 2019, the Government responded to the Council and confirmed that the HDT results for the District published in February should be amended to include relevant housing completions in the Peak District National Park. The correspondence included a revised HDT result for the District which included a total of 20 extra homes which had been completed within the National Park.

This increased the percentage of delivery across the District to 68% of the total need. This is still below the level required. As such, an Action Plan has been prepared to identify the reasons for under delivery and to identify measures to improve the situation.

Housing Delivery Test Action Plan - August 2019 [8MB]

MHCLG Recalculation Letter [433KB]