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Claim Council Tax Reduction

How to get help with your council tax and who can claim.

Who can claim

You can claim 'council tax reduction' if you receive a council tax bill for the property you live in, and the bill is in your name or joint names with someone else.  

You won't be able to claim if:

  • you are pension age and you and any partner have over £16,000 in savings (unless you receive the guarantee element of Pension Credit Savings Credit)
  • you are working age and you and any partner have more than £16,000 in savings. 

Use our benefits calculator to work out what you are entitled to.

How to apply

You can make a claim online.

The claim form will tell you exactly what evidence to provide, and we'll contact you if we need any further information.

We'll tell you our decision within 14 days of receiving your claim.

We'll send you a new Council Tax bill for the year which will show you what you need to pay.

Need help?

If you need help completing the claim form, and would like someone to go through this with you, contact Citizens Advice.

They will be able to offer you an appointment at one of their offices in LeekCheadle or Biddulph.

Second Adult Rebate

Second Adult Rebate is a form of Council Tax Reduction for people of pension age. Single people in a household are awarded a 25% discount off their Council Tax bill. If you don't get this discount because a dependant adult lives with you, you may be entitled to Second Adult Rebate.

Find out more about Second Adult Rebate